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Check out the latest real estate offer in Ljubljana from Slovenian real estate agencies and individuals. Ljubljana is a capital city of Slovenia and its largest city by size and population. In addition Ljubljana is a financail captial and education center of Slovenia. The areas and neighborhoods are diverse. There are many recreation areas and the city center is pedestrians friendly. In Ljubljana you can find a wide range of different properties for sale and properties for rent:

Due to large property listing, we recommend to ease your search with the help of search engine by area, real estate type or newhomes/ new buildings below. You can also search properties by individual real estate agency. In the below table you can find properties in most known areas in Ljubljana.

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New realestate

Ljubljana, Bežigrad, Zupančičeva jama
  • Business Premises Multipurpose
  • PP35992457379997AB
  • 141 m²
  • 1999
Ljubljana, Bežigrad
  • Business Premises Large complex
  • RE ID 914
  • 11,497 m²
  • 4,559 m²
  • 2010
Real estate in nature is represented by the former DELO printing complex on Likozarjeva Street in Ljubljana. The complex consists of several commercial and industrial buildings that stick to each other. In the west, the complex borders on Parmovo ulica, in the south on the Ljubljana - Jesenice railway ...
Ljubljana, Moste Polje, Moste
  • Apartment 2 room
  • 454PSA
  • 59 m²
  • 2007
  • 7
  • 1
  • 1
  • 2
Ljubljana - Moste / Two-room apartment / 59 m2 / Balcony / Furnished / Nicely arranged block We are selling a bright two-room apartment with a balcony on the seventh floor (out of 11) of an apartment block in Ljubljana's Moste (Zaloška - Kajuhova intersection), built in 1967. The apartment is sold ...