Slovenski državni holding, d.d. Real estate: House

Ljubljana, Bežigrad
  • House Semi-detached
  • RE ID 940
  • 724 m²
  • 1,187 m²
  • 2009
The property, which is being sold as a whole, represents two unfinished two-apartment buildings, in nature two twins, built up to III. construction phase, which is located in an excellent location in a neat settlement in Mali vas behind Bežigrad, namely: 1/ building marked A-2 on a plot of land measuring ...
Podravska, Kungota, Kozjak nad Pesnico
  • House Detached
  • RE ID 6402
  • 248 m²
  • 1,218 m²
  • 1990
Real estate repreents a residential house (ID sign of building 603-76, ID parcel sign No 603-958/1 size 1.218 m2), address Kozjak nad Pesnico 80b, Zgornja Kungota. The house was built in 1990 (GURS data). Floor levels: B+G+A. Net surface according GURS is 248.40 m2. House is in poor condition (needs ...
Podravska, Ormož, Kog
  • House Detached
  • RE ID 6623
  • 139 m²
  • 436 m²
  • 2005
The property is a detached residential building with functional land in the settlement of Kog, municipality of Ormož. The land measures 436 m2 in total. The residential building with the designation 305-290-1 was built in 2005 and has three floors (K+P+M) and a total size of 139.10 m2. The facade of ...
Savinjska, Celje, Trnovlje pri Celju
  • House Detached
  • RE ID 1517
  • 394 m²
  • 800 m²
  • 1989
The property consists of a residential building with a garage and an adjoining plot of land. The house has floor plan P+N+M. The house has obtained a construction and use permit according to the law. Access to the house is also partially possible via lot no. 11555/5, k.o. 1073 Trnovlje, which is also ...
Primorje-Gorski Kotar, Malinska-dubašnica, Malinska-Dubašnica
  • House Semi-detached
  • 4181
  • 76 m²
  • 77 m²
  • 2015
  • 1
  • 1
  • 2
In the vicinity of Malinska, a renovated semi-detached house with a garden is for sale, located in a quiet area! The house, with a total living area of 76m2, consists of ground floor and first floor. On the ground floor, there is an entrance area, toilet, living room, ...
240,000 €
Split-Dalmatia, Split, Dragovode
  • Apartment 3 room
  • 846721
  • 66 m²
  • 2024
  • 1
  • 1
  • 3
Split, three-room apartment in a new building, Dragovode district. The apartment is located on the first floor of the residential building NKP 66,22 m2. It consists of a living room with a kitchen and a dining room with access to the terrace, three bedrooms, one of ...
Ljubljana - suburbs, Medvode, Smlednik
  • House Detached
  • RE ID 2170
  • 509 m²
  • 2,786 m²
  • 2007
The object of sale is an unfinished residential building at the address Smlednik 19. The building is located in a quiet location in the forest, under the old Smlednik castle, and an unpaved road leads to it. The building was up to approx. III. construction phase built in 2007. The building consists ...
Podravska, Maribor okolica, Pekre
  • House Detached
  • RE ID 6078-003
  • 720 m²
  • 1,237 m²
  • 1999
A large residential and business house built in 1999 stands on land plot no. 568/4 k.o. 676 - Pekre. Building ID  sign no 676-1378. According to GURS data, the building area is 720 m2 of net floor surface and 590 m2 of usage surface. The house has a partly furnished apartment on the first floor, a warehouse ...
Podravska, Pesnica, Pesnica pri Mariboru
  • House Detached
  • RE ID 6091
  • 276 m²
  • 1,735 m²
  • 2007
The apartment building has three floors: the basement, the ground floor and the first floor, which is partly an attic. It is located in a compact settlement in Pesnica near Maribor. The heating is regulated by heating oil, the facade is brick. The price does not include the corresponding tax. The ...
South Primorska, Koper/Capodistria, Črni Kal
  • House Detached
  • RE ID 682
  • 154 m²
  • 143 m²
  • 1991
Two two-level buildings at Črni Kal 8a, which touch and form a whole. In nature they represent a residential house, with living rooms on the second floor and a basement/garage on the first floor. The external staircase to the upper floor is common.  Land Registry ID: plot 2600 4105 (old land ...
Pomurska, Puconci, Otovci
  • House Detached
  • RE ID 338
  • 522 m²
  • 6,590 m²
  • 1993
The subject of sale is house with building land in size of 6,590 m2, located in Otovci near Muska sobota. Building land is accessible directly from main road from Murska sobota.  The price does not include the corresponding tax. The property is sold "as is" clause. If you are interested ...
South Primorska, Koper/Capodistria, Koštabona
  • House Detached
  • RE ID 5148
  • 285 m²
  • 293 m²
  • 2008
Typical Istrian apartment building and its extension. The apartment building was renovated without building permit. The legalization of the building is in process. The house has been built / renovated to 3rd construction phase. The sale is not possible until the legalisation is finished Year ...
Savinjska, Slovenske Konjice
  • House Other
  • RE ID 210
  • 851 m²
  • 2,798 m²
  • 2002
Well-renovated and well-maintained 19th-century mansion The 19th-century mansion was built by the Windischgraetz family as a residential mansion with a large wine cellar. The building was fully renovated in 2002. The regularly and well-maintained mansion (cleaned, ventilated, heated) is ...
Pomurska, Ljutomer
  • House Detached
  • RE ID 6225
  • 128 m²
  • 286 m²
  • 2003
Partially renovated house in the heart of the Prlekija region The older house is just 100 meters away from the Ljutomer town center. Located nearby are lush greenery, the river Ščavnica, and a large, popular sports park. The house was built in 1948. The roofing was renovated in 2001, and the ...
Gorenjska, Bohinj, Bohinjska Bistrica
  • House Detached
  • RE ID 1989
  • 14 m²
  • 44 m²
  • 1977
The subject of the sale is only the co-ownership share of the real estate 1/20, which is not divided in nature, namely into parcels. no. 379/2 and 379/4. The properties are used by the co-owner. The user has the right of pre-emption when purchasing. If you are interested in buying or renting, we kindly ...
Podravska, Hoče - Slivnica, Hotinja vas
  • House Detached
  • 6094
  • 249 m²
  • 639 m²
  • 1985
Familiy house is located in Ozka ulica 7, Hotinja vas. House was built in year 1985 and it has 3 floor (basement, ground floor and mansard). It has 249,3 m2. Main entrance is on south side of the house. Family house is connected to canalization, water, electricity and cabel network. Heating oil is used ...
Koprivnica-Križevci, Koprivnica
  • House Detached
  • RE ID 5083
  • 245 m²
  • 1992
Residential - business building with land in small town Koprivnica, Herešin, Croatia. The house was built in 1992. Ground floor: basement + ground floor + 1 floor + attic. The facility needs renovation. Total area according to Land register 389 m2. Heating is on radiators, with gas. ZK vložek ...