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Moste Polje

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Svetla, razgibana in delno opremljena hiša se nahaja na mirni zeleni lokaciji v Zalogu, Gre za končno vrstno hišo z dodatno samostojno garažo in letno kuhinjo. Hiša je bila zgrajena l. 1969 in l. 2007 dozidana in delno obnovljena ter leži na parceli veliki 433 m2. Hiša je kvalitetno grajena in ima zelo razgiban tloris, lahko se prilagodi v dvostanovanjsko enoto. Pakiranje je možno v garaži in pred hišo za 3 vozila. V objektu z garažo je mogoče urediti poslovni prostor, obrtno delavnico ali prostor za rekreacijo. V bližini se nahaja vsa potrebna infrastruktura (šola, vrtec, zdravstveni dom, trgovine, avtobusna postaja, zelene površine...).

Prostorska zasnova:

Hiša je sestavljena iz 2. etaž (PK + VP ter dodatnega samostojnega objekta, in obsega skupaj 190,7 m2 bruto površine in od tega 176,8 m2 čistih neto stanovanjskih površin.
V pol kleti, ki je velika 69,7 se nahajajo: stopnišče, soba z ločenim vhodom in kopalnico (18,7 m2), velik ločen bivalni prostor (41 m2) s kaminom in kuhinjo z izhodom na atrij ter ločena klet (vhod iz atrija).
V visokem pritličju, ki je veliko 121 m2 se nahajajo: hodnik, dve kopalnici, kabinet, tri sobe, kuhinja z jedilnico in dnevno sobo s kamnom in balkon.
V ločenem objektu ki je velik 58 m2 se nahajajo: garaža, savna, kopalnica in letna kuhinja.

Dodatne karakteristike

Razpoložljivi priključki: vodovod, kanalizacija, elektrika in optika.
Ogrevanje: CK na mestni plin in dodatno trije kamnini na drva.
Parkiranje: pred hišo in v garaži.
Opis lokacije in razpoložljiva infrastruktura.

Vredno ogleda!

Pogoj lastnika za sklenitev posla: Kupec plača davek na promet nepremičnin v višini 2 % prodajne cene.
The bright, airy and partially furnished house is located in a quiet, green location in Zalog. The house was built in 1969 and 2007 extension and partially renovated and located on a plot of 433 m2. The house is quality built and has a very varied floor plan, it can be adapted into a two-apartment unit. Packing is possible in the garage and in front of the house for 3 vehicles. In a building with a garage, it is possible to arrange a business space, a craft workshop or a space for recreation. All the necessary infrastructure is nearby (school, kindergarten, health center, shops, bus station, green areas...).

Spatial design:

The house consists of the 2nd floor (PK + VP and an additional independent building, and comprises a total of 190.7 m2 of gross area, of which 176.8 m2 of net residential area.
In the half basement, which is 69.7 m in size, there are: a staircase, a room with a separate entrance and a bathroom (18.7 m2), a large separate living room (41 m2) with a fireplace and a kitchen with access to the atrium, and a separate basement (entrance from atria).
In the high ground floor, which is 121 m2 in size, there are: a hallway, two bathrooms, a study, three rooms, a kitchen with a dining room and a living room with stone and a balcony.
In a separate building, which is 58 m2 in size, there are: garage, sauna, bathroom and seasonal kitchen.

Additional features

Available connections: water supply, sewerage, electricity and optics.
Heating: CK on city gas and additionally three rocks on wood.
Parking: in front of the house and in the garage.
Location description and available infrastructure.

Worth seeing!

The owner\'s condition for concluding the deal: The buyer pays real estate sales tax in the amount of 2% of the sales price.

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