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Real estate type
Apartment 2.5 room
Ad code
73 m²
year of building

Podatki o lokaciji


  • Air conditioning
  • Heating system
  • Interphone
  • FTTH


2,5-sobno stanovanje, 72,80 m2, 2. nadstropje

Na odlični lokaciji za Bežigradom, v sodobni stavbi zgrajeni l. 2012, prodamo izredno svetlo, funkcionalno razporejeno ter delno opremljeno 2,5-sobno stanovanje z prostorno ložo. Parkirno mesto v garaži stavbe proti doplačilu. Neposredna bližina AC obroča ter celotne infrastrukture (šole, zdravstveni dom, LPP, trgovine, Bicikelj. . . ), bližina zelenih površin.


Stanovanje meri 72,80 m2, od tega 62,40 m2 bivalne površine, 7,20 m2 lože in 3,20 m2 shrambe v kleti. 

Razporeditev in lega

Stanovanje obsega predsobo v izmeri 4,50 m2, kuhinjo z jedilnico in dnevnim prostorom z izhodom na ložo v izmeri 29,89 m2, prostorno spalnico 15,64 m2, ki ima prav tako dostop na ložo, manjši kabinet 6,28 m2 ter kopalnico 6,13 m2. Stanovanje ima zelo visoke stropove in sicer 3,00 m, kar vpliva na občutek prostornosti, zračnosti ter svetlosti.

Stanovanje ima vzhodno lego.

Oglasu je priložen tudi tloris stanovanja.


  • internet - optika 
  • klima
  • ogrevanje - toplovod
  • pametna inštalacija Entia


Parkirno mesto v garaži stavbe proti doplačilu v višini 15.000,00 €.

Lokacija in infrastruktura

Objekt se nahaja na odlični lokaciji, v mirnem delu Bežigrada, v neposredni bližini AC obroča, zelenih površih in celotne infrastrukture (šola, vrtec, LPP, trgovina,...).   

ZK stanje

Vpisano v ZK.

Pogoji in ostalo

Stanovanje je trenutno oddano v najem tako predstavlja odlično priložnost za investicijo kot naložbena nepremičnina. Prevzem po dogovoru.

Pogoj prodajalca je, da kupec ob sklenitvi pogodbe poravna vrednost davka na promet z nepremičnino v višini 2% od prodajne vrednosti + del dodatni stroškov prodaje v višini 0,44% od končne prodajne vrednosti. 



2.5-room apartment, 72.80 m2, 2nd floor

In a great location behind Bežigrad, in a modern building built l. 2012, we are selling an extremely bright, functionally arranged and partially furnished 2.5-room apartment with a spacious loggia. Parking space in the garage of the building for an extra charge. Close proximity to the AC ring and the entire infrastructure (schools, health center, LPP, shops, bicycles ...), proximity to green areas.


The apartment measures 72.80 m2, of which 62.40 m2 of living space, 7.20 m2 of loggia and 3.20 m2 of storage in the basement.


The apartment comprises an entrance hall measuring 4.50 m2, a kitchen with a dining room and a living room with an exit to the loggia measuring 29.89 m2, a spacious bedroom 15.64 m2, which also has access to the loggia, a small cabinet 6.28 m2 and a bathroom 6.13 m2 and it has an eastern location. The apartment has very high ceilings of 3.00 m, which affects the feeling of spaciousness, airiness and brightness.

The floor plan of the apartment is also attached to the advertisement.


  • internet - optics
  • air condition
  • heating - heating pipe
  • smart installation Entia


Parking space in the garage of the building for an additional charge of € 15,000.00.

Location and infrastructure

The facility is located in a great location, in a quiet part of Bežigrad, near the AC ring, green areas and the entire infrastructure (school, kindergarten, LPP, shop, ...).

Land registry

Registered in the land registry.

Terms and conditions

The apartment is currently rented out and thus represents an excellent investment opportunity as an investment property. Acceptance by arrangement. The seller's condition is that the buyer pays the value of real estate transfer tax in the amount of 2% of the sale value + part of the additional sale costs in the amount of 0.44% of the final sale value at the time of concluding the contract.


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