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Real estate: Land

Podravska, Poljčane, Studenice
  • Land For building
  • PZ229012668669BJ
  • 677 m²
Dolenjska, Mokronog - Trebelno, Mokronog
  • Land For building
  • KODA: P3788MM
  • 3,500 m²
MOKRONOG - building plot approx. 3,500.00 m 2 , IOC - 103 SS (OPPN) - residential buildings (K + P + 1 + M) with accompanying activities. Near all infrastructure (kindergarten, school, health center, pharmacy, post office, shops, etc.) excellent location , sunny position, on the outskirts of the village ...
Ljubljana, Center, Trnovo
  • Land For building
  • PZ25871RL
  • 1,796 m²
  • 2022
For sale a building land for the purposes of business and residential construction along the completely renovated road Cesta dveh cesarjev (Sibirija) with already established municipal infrastructure (electricity, water, sewerage, gas, bike path, pedestrian sidewalk, public lighting). On ...
Ljubljana, Center, Trnovo
  • Land For building
  • PZ25872RL
  • 5,382 m²
  • 2022
For sale a building land for the purposes of business and residential construction along the completely renovated road Cesta dveh cesarjev (Sibirija) with already established municipal infrastructure (electricity, water, sewerage, gas, bike path, pedestrian sidewalk, public lighting). On ...
Podravska, Lovrenc na Pohorju, Činžat
  • Land Agricultural
  • PZ229012668667UG
  • 9,801 m²
Ljubljana - suburbs, Medvode, Topol pri Medvodah
  • Land For building
  • KODA: P1091TM
  • 1,096 m²
TOPOL PRI MEDVODAH , buildable plot of 1096 m2 , on which there is a holiday home of 31 m2 gross, which has a house number. 15 minutes to AC Ljubljana. The land is on a mostly level, very quiet, well-kept and green location in a populated area with a few houses in a sunny position . Registered in the land register, ...
Pomurska, Ljutomer, Stara cesta
  • Land For building
  • TPStaraCNSV
  • 11,571 m²
If you are looking for a larger plot of land with a major building plot and a beautiful location, you have found the right offer! In the heart of the Ljutomersko-Ormoške wine-growing region, in the municipality of Ljutomer and more specifically, in the village of Stara cesta, we are selling a building ...
Gorenjska, Kranj
  • Land For building
  • PH222912668585PJ
  • 790 m²
  • 1967
Ljubljana, okolica, Šentpavel
  • Land For building
  • POSEST599246001699AT
  • 54 m²
  • 3,641 m²
Zasavje, Zagorje ob Savi
  • Land Residental-business
  • PZ239012668590795ZM
  • 4,105 m²
South Primorska, Koper/Capodistria, Labor
  • Land For building
  • PZ22901266859202KM-1
  • 40,350 m²
Ljubljana - suburbs, Grosuplje
  • Land For building
  • PZ25830RL
  • 5,230 m²
For sale a spacious and intimately located building plot directly next to the forest and only 4.5 km from the motorway junction and Grosuplje (5 minutes drive). The plot is on a slope and is accessible from a public road with public water supply and electricity. Parcelation for 5 individual houses of ...
Dolenjska, Črnomelj
  • Land For building
  • KODA: P1788JJ
  • 4,821 m²
Črnomelj - CENTER - 4,821,oo m2, building plot, in a prime location for the construction of residential buildings. For sale - price EUR 107,000.00. CODE: P1788JJ    
Podravska, Središče ob Dravi, Obrež
  • Land For building
  • TPObrežNSV
  • 1,406 m²
If you are looking for a plot in the Ormož district and you want a flat and sunny plot, you are at the right address. In the village of Obrež, which is located in the municipality of Središče ob Drava, there is a building plot for sale. It is situated in a non-dense part of a village with a few residential ...
Gorenjska, Radovljica, Češnjica pri Kropi
  • Land For building
  • PH00013AS-Z
  • 733 m²
  • 733 m²
An idyllic estate with a stream flowing across it is ideal for anyone looking for peace in the embrace of green nature. It lies on the outskirts of the village along a forest road. It is about 400 m to the settlement, 4 km to Podnart, 11 km to Naklo and about 18 km to Radovljica, Kranj. The buildings are ...
Ljubljana - suburbs, Logatec
  • Land For building
  • 20220917AIZD7
  • 580 m²
South Primorska, Izola/Isola, Korte
  • Land Agricultural
  • PZ22901266859326SH
  • 1,865 m²

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