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Real estate: House

South Primorska, Piran/Pirano, Lucija
  • House Detached
  • 740,000
  • 140 m²
  • 600.00 m²
Pomurska, Moravske Toplice, Fokovci
  • House Farm
  • 43,000
  • 686 m²
  • 31,882.00 m²
Ljubljana, Moste Polje, Kodeljevo
  • House Detached
  • 459,000
  • 250 m²
  • 298.00 m²
Pomurska, Ljutomer
  • House Detached
  • 84,999
  • 127 m²
  • 802.00 m²
  • 3
  • 2
  • 5
Ljubljana, Šiška, Dravlje
  • House Detached
  • 470,000
  • 133 m²
Šiška, Dravlje , parc. 226m2, apartment area 133m2, residential house is located in a well-kept residential area, close to all infrastructure, shops, bus station, post office, school, kindergarten and at the same time close to green, recreational areas, cycling, hiking trails, which allows quality living of modern times. Large glass surfaces offer plenty of sun and light, large, open spaces extremely spacious airiness. The house is designed as a one-storey building ...
Ljubljana, Bežigrad
  • House Detached
  • 500,000
  • 200 m²
Gorenjska, Bled, Zasip
  • House Detached
  • 460,000
  • 232 m²
  • 549.00 m²
  • 2
South Primorska, Koper/Capodistria, Bonini
  • House Double flat
  • 390,000
  • 221 m²
  • 1,054.00 m²
Ljubljana - suburbs, Logatec
  • House Semi-detached
  • 170,100
  • 159 m²
  • 315.00 m²
Ljubljana, Center
  • House Double flat
  • 650,000
  • 166 m²
  • 389.00 m²
Ljubljana - suburbs, Brezovica, Notranje Gorice
  • House Detached
  • 280,000
  • 150 m²
Notranje gorice , parc 1749, apartment. 149.90 m2, detached house built in 2005, located in an idyllic location, close to nature, walking and recreational trails and at the same time close to the city center and all infrastructure. The house is designed to provide a comfortable and quality stay. Large panoramic walls offer plenty of sun and light, large open spaces extraordinary spaciousness, functionality. It consists of a ground floor and an attic. Ground floor: entrance ...
Ljubljana - suburbs, Vrhnika
  • House Detached
  • 235,000
  • 114 m²
  • 365.00 m²
Ljubljana, Vič Rudnik
  • House Detached
  • 400,000
  • 150 m²
  • 500.00 m²
Ljubljana, Center
  • House Detached
  • 340,000
  • 3
Ljubljana, Moste Polje, Polje
  • House Detached
  • 1,499,000
  • 426 m²
  • 9,468.00 m²
Savinjska, Vojnik
  • House Detached
  • 229,000
  • 306 m²
  • 3,170.00 m²
Ljubljana - suburbs, Medvode
  • House Detached
  • 360,000
  • 210 m²
  • 450.00 m²
Detached house in a quiet location, in Medvode. The house was classically built l. 1989, later it was partially renovated, namely: all windows (two-layer, wooden), including blinds on el. drive l. 2009, fully high ground floor 2010 (doors, bathroom, flooring, fireplace, air conditioning, furniture), l. In 2012, a canopy was made for the parking space. The attic is still in its original condition. Heating is on natural gas, in the living room there is also a fireplace. Air ...
Ljubljana - suburbs, Log - Dragomer, Log pri Brezovici
  • House Detached
  • 329,000
  • 196 m²
  • 701.00 m²
  • 4
  • 2
  • 6
In the vicinity of Log near Brezovica (4 km away), we are selling a beautiful, independent house built in 1994, measuring 195.5 m2, of a residential area, located on a landscaped and fenced plot of 701 m2. In 1997, a pool of approx. 32 m2 was built and in 2004 heating was updated on a heat pump and added a winter garden in the living room. Allocation of premises: - Ground floor: hallway, kitchen with dining room and larger living room with glazed winter garden, pantry, bedroom, ...
Ljubljana, Vič Rudnik, Rudnik
  • House Detached
  • 820,000
  • 400 m²
  • 521.00 m²
  • 4
  • 3
  • 8
In a quiet residential neighborhood at the foot of hill Golovec we are selling a prestigious spacious house. The main living area, including the spacious garden, is raised above the road and offers nice views of the sorrounding neighbourhood. The house has a basement used for parking of 2 vehicles, technical facilities, recreation and relaxation (infra sauna), storage and support activities (laundry). On the ground floor there is a large, bright living room with exit ...
Ljubljana - suburbs, Domžale, Žeje
  • House Detached
  • 205,000
  • 52 m²
  • 824.00 m²
In a quiet village, in the immediate vicinity of Domžale, we are selling a furnished living weekend. The first floor is built with an area of ??approximately 85 m2 with a living room and kitchen and dining room, pantry and boiler room, bathroom with toilet, and on the panel is a wooden cottage, where the bedroom and bathroom with toilet and partial attic, and its own entrance to wooden part. The lower - masonry part and the upper - wooden part are connected by an internal staircase. ...
North Primorska, Ajdovščina, Selo
  • House Attached
  • 69,000
  • 91 m²
  • 122.00 m²
AJDOVŠČINA, VILLAGE , IN THE VILLAGE , 90.70 m2, (P + N + M), terraced house, zg. l. 1700, last renovation in 1990, 122 m2 of building land - parking space in front of the house and garden near the house , near the village there is 14.636 m2 of agricultural land, forest and vineyard , the house is not habitable and needs renovation, arranged water connection, UK arranged , suitable for a couple or a small family. CODE: P5146SE  
Gorenjska, Kranj
  • House Attached
  • 190,000
  • 148 m²
  • 228.00 m²
  • 1
  • 4

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